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A Future for Elephants

Elephants have lived on this planet for 10 million years. The largest land creatures are irreplaceable for ecosystems in Africa and Asia, and today they play a vital role in tourism, contributing to the economic development of their home countries. These mammals are fascinating because of their high intelligence, but also because of their intense emotional life. Elephants cultivate lifelong family bonds; they support each other and intensely mourn their dead.

The greed for ivory has led to an industrial slaughter of the gentle giants. There were 1.3 million elephants in the 1970s, their numbers have dropped to below 500,000 mainly due to poaching. Our goal is to protect and sustain elephants and their habitats worldwide.

We want to raise public awareness of the existential threat to elephants and do so by writing letters and petitions, organizing demonstrations and working with social media. We engage in dialogue with politicians to improve the protection of elephants through laws and support on-site conservation and anti-poaching projects.




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