Activities for adults

Activities – be a part of it!

Please support our projects on site with donations - here the individual projects:
Tanzania: Southern Tanzania Elephant Proram (STEP) 
Kenya: BIG LIFE Foundation (BIG LIFE)
Kenya: Elephant Aware Masai Mara (EAMM)
Sambia: Chipembele Wildlife Education Trust (CWET)
Sambia: Conservation South Luangwa (CSL)
Zimbabwe: Zimbabwe Elephant Nursery (ZEN)
Liberia: Elephant Research and Conservation (Elreco)
DRC: ConservCongo (ConservCongo)
Thailand: Save Elephant Foundation/Elephant Nature Park (SEF/ENP)
India: Voice of the Asian Elephants Society (VFAES) 

Sign petitions
Petition to the German Minister of the Environment to ban the import of hunting trophies endangered species (including elephant ivory)

To the Minister of Environment Namibia: Stop hunting rare Desert Elephants:üstenelefanten-in-namibia-2

Write letters:
Activities in writing

Send a request to the environment and nature conservation ministry of your country to get actively involved with the Washington Convention (CITES), so that elephants in all countries shall be listed as critically endangered.

Contact the ministry of environment of your respective country and demand an immediate ivory trade ban, which is to include ALL ivory, i.e. not only 'new' ivory but also ivory which was imported prior to the international ban and also so-called antique ivory. This trade ban must not only include raw ivory but also carved and otherwise processed ivory of all sizes and weights.

A European export ban to Asia only exists partially, depending on the respective country and type of the ivory (raw, carved – depending on size, weight and age). Demand of your ministry of environment a general export ban for all types of ivory.

Demand of your ministry of environment an import ban for ivory which is regularly being imported by hunters as so-called hunting trophies. Hunting, too, leads to extinction!

Hong Kong has promised to close its ivory market by the end of 2021 – follow up and demand to speed up the process!

Contact the respective ministers of environment in Vietnam, Thailand and Japan and urge them to shut down their national ivory markets which are – right after China and Hong Kong - the largest and fastest growing ivory markets in the world, whilst being ill-controlled. Under the guise of legal trade, tons of illegal ivory are being transported from Africa to Asia – all of which supplied by dead elephants which have been poached.

Request the WWF - which acts as counsellor to many governments - to take a stand for a complete and worldwide ban of any form of ivory trade.

All trade must be stopped and there must not be any prospective trade!

We can only choose between two options: Either we have elephants, or we have ivory trade. We cannot have both.

Activities for and with children
Promoting animal-free circuses, offering elephant- or wildlife-related activities in kindergartens and schools.

Organise lectures: e.g. in VHS schools (adult education centres and evening classes),  schools, senior citizens' residences, churches.
We do have a program, contact us! 

Distribute flyer

Participate in the Global March for Elephants and Rhinos (GMFER) and other demonstrations.

Organise or be the contact person for photo exhibitions

Work as a volunteer in an Elephant Project in Asia or Africa:
contact us!

Go on a game drive thus protecting the elephants' natural habitats: 
contact us!

Donate to local project
Donate: you can either give a general or a specific donation (please do state the specific project and also supply your address  for the donation receipt)