With a multitude of activities we are campaigning to secure the survival of elephants in the wild and to protect their habitats.

Kenia Projekt Hundestaffe Big Life Foundation

Educating the (local) population as well as exerting political influence in Germany, Europe and worldwide are vital steps to protect elephants. National ivory markets must be shut down for good. We are lobbying to achieve an international ban on ivory sales and also the end of trophy hunting. To make this happen we are cooperating with interest groups, writing open letters, setting up petitions and launching discussions with decision makers.

Furthermore we support selected projects in Africa and Asia.

Special Screenings - Love & Bananas
Demonstrations and Protests
Project in Kenya - BIG LIFE (Big Life Foundation)
Project in Kenya - EAMM (Elephant Aware Maasai Mara)
Project in Tanzania - STEP (Southern Tanzania Elephant Program)
Project in Zimbabwe - ZEN (Zimbabwe Elephant Nursery)
Project in Thailand - ENP (Elephant Nature Park and Save Elephant Foundation)
Project in Liberia – ELRECO (Elephant Research and Conservation)
Project in Dem. Republik Kongo – Conserv Congo (Conserv Congo)
Project in Sambia – CWET (Chipembele Wildlife Education Trust)
Project in Sambia – CSL (Conservation South Luangwa)
Project in India – VFAES (Voice for Asian Elephants Society)