Press Releases

Press Release - 12 August 2021
"Elephant conservation is immediate climate protection"
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Press Release - 6 June 2021
Elephants in Thailand fight for survival
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Press Release - 19 November 2020 (German)
Animal and species protection organizations criticize the new circus regulation
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Press Release - World Elephant Day 12 August 2020 (German)
High time for elephants
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Press Release - 10 August 2020 (German)
Nature and animal protection organizations demand a clear position against trophy hunting from SPD and CDU
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Press Release - 29 May 2020 (German)
Trophy hunting scenes trigger indignation
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Press Release - 18 January 2020 (German)
Vacation trips to kill - Dortmund fair offers trophy hunting for endangered animals
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Press Release - January 2020 (German)
Annual review 2019 for elephants
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Press Release - October 2019 (German)
Elephants in sight of the rifle – After the election in Botswana: elephants get in trouble
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Press Release - August 2019 (German)
German premiere "Love & Bananas" - A fascinating woman fights for elephants
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Press Releases - April/May 2019 (German)
"STOP THE KILLING" – Announcement of Global March for Elephants and Rhinos in Germany
Munich | Berlin | Hamburg

Press Release - January 2019 (German)
The dark side of the elephant tourism
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Press Release - April 2018 (German)
Animal and species conservationists found a new German association
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Press Release - October 2017 (German)
"Stop the killing"
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Press Release - September 2017 (German)
"STOP THE KILLING" - A strong signal for elephants, rhinos and other wild animals
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