Elephant tourism

Give elephants back their dignity

End the abuse: Elephant rides, circus tricks or religious festivals mean immense suffering for the gray giants.

Many people still marvel at elephants in the circus, pose with a baby elephant on their Asian vacation, or let a pachyderm carry them through the countryside - without knowing what the animals have had to suffer for it.


ZEN / New addition to the elephant kindergarten

A fisherman on the banks of the Zambezi River became aware of the lonely little Sally. Apparently, she had a serious injury on her ear, which she tried to clean in the crocodile-infested river. Immediately, a report including a photo was sent to the relevant authorities. Zimparks immediately gave permission for a relief operation. However, the area where little Sally was staying was of great concern to the ZEN team. The proximity to water, deep sand and marshland could make rescue difficult.


Update from Zambia from our partner CSL

With your help, we were able to make a significant contribution to funding Conservation South Luangwa's work in 2021. This support was particularly appreciated by our partners, as tourism in the South Luangwa has also come to a standstill due to COVID, resulting in the loss of valuable funding from this sector.

South Luangwa is currently home to about 3,000 elephants. Here, too, pressure on the population is steadily increasing due to the rapidly growing population and the expansion of human activities.


Chipembele / 2 elephant children - 2 stories

Our partners of the Nature Education Center of Chipembele in the South Luangwa area in Zambia received a call in September that deep in the national park an elephant cow with her baby had been found severely injured by gunshots. Unfortunately, the mother elephant's injuries were so severe that the Department of National Parks and Wildlife (DNPW) had to put her out of her misery and euthanize her.

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